Karen, Going up the ladder, and the rest…

Jambo! (Howdy, Kenyan style). Man to sleep lying down was pretty amazing, after being upright  for 17 hours we all probably could have slept on a bed of nails (the beds were normal mattresses, so don’t worry mothers reading this :] ).  So that gave us a fresh start for our “adjustment” day, where we just saw some of the sites of Nairobi, and got used to the idea of being over 8700 miles away from our friends and family in Houston (over 7200 from my family in MA – this is Alex btw). 

So to start off the day, we went to the former home of Karen Blixen, famous author, who lived in Kenya, and inspired the film Out of Africa.  The house was beautiful, and what you see in the movie, is very close to the real thing.  But in all honesty, I felt like I got much more out of the drive to the actual location, getting to see a little bit of how the people of Kenya get to work, and how many of them make their living from day to day.  And our driver Agoi, helped bring us closer to the Kenyan people along the way.  His insite has been really great, and it should be a joy to travel 6+ hours out to Kimana with him tomorrow.

So after Karen Blixen’s estate, we travelled to the Giraffe Center in Nairobi, which was quite the experience.  This being our first giraffe siting of the trip, it was pretty special.  In fact it was “the best moment of [Emily’s] life!”  I don’t think she’ll be recanting that statement anytime soon, so if you think you’ve got something better for her, you better be gaming to beat this one.  We all were privileged enough to meet the lovely giraffe Laura.  But Emily got to really meet her.  By “really meet her” I mean she made it a few steps up “the ladder” (which those of you who’ve gone through Sex, God, & Me should be familiar with).  They quickly from hugging to kissing to “heavy necking” to well…we’ll let the pictures explain it all….

And so after all this excitement we went and visited a lovely bead factory, where they made the most beautiful little bead necklaces and pottery.  The place established in 1975 in order to give many Kenyan women a place to work and provide for their families.  Be sure to ask us about it when we return  and to order some of their jewelry online.  It’s supporting a great cause. http://www.kazuri.com/

This evening we met up with Rachel, who has been working in Rwanda, and had worked in Kimana where we will be travelling to and working the next few days. So tomorrow we’ll driving there, which like I said before should be about 6 hours away from Nairobi.  Be praying for us as we travel,  as well as for the school which we will be working with the next few days.



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4 responses to “Karen, Going up the ladder, and the rest…

  1. kathy white

    Thrilled to see something on this site! I’ve been checking several times a day . . . PTL, everyone has made it safely to Kenya. I’ve been informed that there is a 7 hour time difference from there to MA. Post more pics when you get a chance. My prayers are with you. Hugs to all (& especially Alex). 🙂

  2. Meghan Rice

    Poor Emily! That giraffe picture is hilarious. Glad you all made it safely to Kenya. Take care of my mamasita!

  3. Allyson Stephens

    I love this picture!!! What a great opportunity for my friend to be kissed by a giraffe:) Praying for you all! allyson

  4. Pamela Dake

    Hi Emily,

    Wanted to let you know that you and your group are in my prayers as you continue your journey and mission in Africa.

    Please post updates when you can and include more pictures. The one of you and the giraffe is “spot-tacular.” 🙂

    Take care and return home safely!


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