Being Blessed in Kimana

The second day of teaching in Kimana was as exciting as the first.  After being wiped out tired and sun burnt  from the first day, somehow God gave us enough energy to keep teaching on the second day.  He gave us another beautiful day to be with the students and talk with them, and teach them, and of course learn from them.

It is unbelievable how so many people can tell you thanks for something, like the Sex, God, & Me course we taught,  but every time they say it, you feel like you should be thanking them for letting you spend time with them and become part of their life for a short period of time.  So after a couple good days of being with them we gave them some of the gifts we brought: cross necklaces (Thank you to Barbara Biel for the girls’ crosses!), and some booklets which recapped the material we went over with them.  So after a tough goodbye we headed off, being very thankful for this opportunity to work with the young men and women of Oloile School.

And after being exhausted physically and emotionally after leaving the school, we had one more unexpected opportunity to share the message we brought with us to Kenya.  The first morning we were in Kimana, Joseph, one of the room attendants, approached Meg and asked her if we would meet with the small Christian community that was living at the Kilimi Safari Lodge (all or at least most of the employees there lived on site).  And Meg being Meg, said yes.

Admittingly, we (us fellows) thought Meg was a little bit crazy (of course we thought she was crazy anyway ;] ) for committing us to speak with little info about the venue, and ready to pass out after teaching all day.  But God blessed us again.  We were taken to this large shack out near where the employees lived and walked into a room filled with about 30 people praising God, and they escourted us to the front.  These were a group of mostly Masai people (the native people of the Kimana region), and they mostly spoke their Masai language, which we had no translator of.  But God provided out of that room a translator from English to Masai.  And we all spoke from our hearts what we had been teaching the past couple days, and we were able to teach them more about how living by God’s standards can help them in their daily lives and help their community.

By the end of this service there was about 45 people.  Words can’t describe how this connection was made.  All we can say is “God provides.”



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2 responses to “Being Blessed in Kimana

  1. The prayers of the past 9 months are truly being answered!! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!
    andy evans

  2. Michael Ganchan

    woohoo! GO GOD and GO FELLOWS (fyi Meg being crazy is something we couldn’t tell you until the end of the program – JK love to aunt Meg)

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