Proud Mama

One often wonders if you are in the will of our Heavenly Father. My experience in Africa is a prime example of knowing that God is in control. Last year my Africa trip was overwhelming  and new. This year I had the St. John the Divine Fellows. All 5 taught at the rural school in the bush of Kimana. All 5 Fellows were outstanding. They were prepared and on top of their game. The time spent on Houston practicing giving the Sex, God & Me talks slowly and knowing their material paid off in spades. The kids were engaging and loved learning from the young Americans. I am a proud mama.

My “room boy” at Kimana was a young pastor named Joseph. When he asked me if I was a missionary, I said, “sort of”. I the told him about Sex, God & Me and gave him a Leaders manual. He asked me to come and speak at the staff’s Bible Studyof the lodge. I agreed saying our friend Moses could tranlate. When I realized Moses was busy, we had to rely on God to proved. After a long day of teaching at the high school we went back to the lodge and immediately met Joseph to be escorted to the staff meeting room.

At this point I knew I wasn’t in charge. Prayed and asked for God to supply a translator. The answer was Ferdinand and precious young man with a sweet Spirit. The audience looked like something out of National Geographic. Mostly men but a few women. The crowd rose from 20 to 40. I started speaking and for the life of me cannot remember a thing I said. It was an overview of God’s will for our lives inn regards to sex. Then I took another step of faith. I asked each Fellow to speak from their heart. Each one responded not through their own power but the power of the Holy Spirit. It was amazing. We sang to them “Our God is an Awesome God’ and He is.

Asante (thank you) Heavenly Father for your faithfulness and for the Fellows. It does make me a proud mama.



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