48 Hour Dash to the Finish

Phew! That was a whirlwind!  We’re finally back in Houston after about 24 hours of flying and waiting in airports.  Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support.  This trip wouldn’t be possible without all of you.

But since all of you have been so good to us, we wouldn’t want to leave out the details from our last day in Kenya and our successful return.

On Sunday we returned to Nairobi following a day of Safari where we got to see some of God’s great creation in Amboseli National Park.  While driving through the park we saw elephants, zebras, giraffes, baboons, gazelles, warthogs, cape buffalo, a lion, and many other animals that you may have seen in The Lion King.  Seeing these animals in their natural habitat was a totally different experience.  As Emily was saying, “We are the zoo!” because the animals get to watch us inside our little van while they walk around.  Basically it was awesome.

Here are some of the elephants!

Yes! They were really close! (Our driver Agoi was the best!)

We’ll share some more pictures of the animals with you soon.  But back to Nairobi.

Our plans for teaching at a Christian secondary school in Nairobi got moved from Monday to Tuesday, so that made for a very busy Tuesday-Wednesday, which we would be teaching the full Sex, God, & Me curriculum, and then travelling all the way from Nairobi to Amsterdam to Houston.  And what made this story more interesting was the massive amount of rain that was pouring on the city in the evenings, so some of the roads (which were dirt/mud roads) we travelled to get to the school were covered in about a foot of water, which our miracle driver Agoi was able to navigate us through.

One of the roads Agoi led us down after much rainfall.

So thank you once again for your prayers, because we made it to all the places we had planned, even with some obstacles in the way.  Look to hear more from us in the following week on this blog and in church.


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