A great day in Kimana, Kenya..

{just pretend was posted 2 weeks ago today}

Good Morning!

I got up to watch the sunrise and it was truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen..

Mt. Kilimanjaro peeking through the clouds..

Good Morning

Mt Kilimanjaro [just 30 minutes later]

breakfast w/ a bug [you can’t see it, but it’s in the middle of the picture & looks just like a crumb]

Typical morning drive to Oloile

You can just park wherever..

This sign brought much relief since we didn’t have as much time to study my Swahili book as we had hoped..

classroom @ OloileOne of the Classrooms @ Oloile Secondary School

Mid-Morning Chai

[ the building in the corner on the left is the dining hall they are hoping to finish soon, for now the students sit outside on tree stumps, or lay in the grass during their breaks.]

They always offered us their best bowl, or cup & a place to sit..

they LOVED to sing & we loved to listen

my form 4 girlsForm 4 small group – love those smiles

beautiful necklacesA blessing

The girls with their beautiful necklaces made by SJD’s very own Barbara Biel & past fellow Kimmie Webster – they LOVED them!

i am a C..I am a C… I am a C-H.. I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N…


sambo & al after the first dayTired?


We were well taken care of..

Some of the Kimana’s Primary school student’s walking home

Children chasing our van..

Even the Zebra wondered what was going on..

About 5 minutes later….

I had NO idea the man in red would soon be Stephanie’s  Masai husband #1 when I took this pic.

Doug & Moses arranged the details, and before we knew it Stephanie was off..

She was very impressed with his cattle.. So she decided to give it  a chance.

The happy couple

Moses & Doug’s arranged marriage #2

A little on down the road, I believe Al had to use the choo – SO.. we decided to go to a lodge where we ran into an old Masai friend..

Here, Stephanie learned a key lesson on waiting for the right one..

Off they go..

Mt Kilimanjaro peeking out to celebrate the happy couple!

While we were very impressed with the Masai #1’s cattle –

Masai#2 had…..

mid-afternoon conversation


things got a little tense We began to sense a little tension, and decided it was time to leave.

So off we drove, into the beautiful sunset..


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