Houston, TX

Our trip has been supported by so many wonderful people who have given the Fellows the opportunity to work to earn money for our mission trip and many others who have been moved to contribute to this journey.  We hope this blog will give each of you the opportunity to see how your support has paid dividends in the work we are doing at Oloile Secondary School in Kimana, Kenya.

The students at First Steps Montessori School at St. John the Divine were moved by stories of the needs of young girls in southern Kenya.  They were touched by the stories of how Oloile School was created specifically to provide an educational opportunity for these young African girls who have so little.  Without an education the girls are typically “sold” into marriage (usually to a much older man) when they are only 12 or 13 years old so that their families can get a dowry.  The chance of an education is their only opportunity to avoid a life of poverty and domestic servitude.  The First Steps children have been collecting money and dresses this year to send with us to their new friends halfway around the world.

We hope our supporters from First Steps will enjoy tracking our adventure to Africa and will follow our progress these next 10 days.

Children at First Steps Montessori School with dresses they have collected for the children in Kimana


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